Sync Your Home With Sunday

Two Books for SojournKids

Few things are more powerful in the life of a child than when their home and church are pointing to the same gospel.

SojournKids invites you to sync your home with Sunday by picking up the family devotional curriculum that corresponds with the gospel lessons your kids learn each Sunday. If you purchase any two books this year for your family devotional rhythms, you’ll want to get these by Marty Machowski and our friends at New Growth Press:

  1. Old Story New (New Testament)
  2. Long Story Short (Old Testament)

These two books correspond with what your children are learning in SojournKids (ages 2–elementary) and provide you with a week’s worth of family devotional material. You could easily have a Bible and these two books and never need to buy any more family devotional material. The take-home handout you receive when you pick up your child each Sunday points you to the corresponding chapter and text in these books.

We try to keep a few of both books at each campus for Sunday purchases; however, you can also have them shipped to your home by ordering here.



Rice Crispy Treats can teach us much!

Last Sunday our East Campus elementary kids participated in a class entitled “How to Have a Quiet Time with God.” The teachers used the following acrostic to provide a way for the kids to remember and practice this at home:

  • Chill out – Relax & find a comfortable place.
  • Read – Read through a Psalm or NT chapter per day. Mark the chapter with a check to know where you left off.
  • Imagine – Take a few minutes to mediate & ask, “God, what are you teaching here?”
  • Sense – Take a few minutes to listen & ask, “Spirit, what are you teaching me here?”
  • Pray – Be you. Tell God what’s on your heart. You are totally loved.
  • Yield – Get up and live your day as God has invited you. Obey him.

While the spelling is different in Rice Krispies, the mnemonic device seems to be working. Eating a Rice Krispie Treat while learning also helps.

Our prayer is that this lesson will carry with our Sojourn kids for many years. Imagine your child at age 80, kicking back in their rocking chair with their Bible, and saying, “It’s time to get CRISPY!”

If you are a Sojourner, but do not yet have a child in the elementary class, be encouraged. Know that your church is pointing them to Jesus now in their younger classes, and will be ready for them when they approach elementary. Let’s also to remember to get CRISPY ourselves!

You Are Invited

You are Invited

Invitations are encouraging!

Even if you are unable to attend a party, receiving an invitation helps you know you are wanted, loved and welcome. This is the tone with which God invites his children into closer communion with him.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

As we lead our children in family devotional rhythms of prayer, Bible reading, story times, and many other opportunities showcased here, let’s assure our kids that God is inviting us into this. Instead of saying, “Now it’s time to pray” or “You must read your Bible now,” we can respond in grace by telling our children, “God is inviting us to pray and learn about him. Let’s enjoy him!”

The Bible’s Big Story

And speaking of the big picture, Christian Focus Publications just released a new children’s book that is illustrated by Sojourn J-town member, Tessa Janes. This is a great resource that uses a rhyming poem to teach kids the story of salvation from Creation to Revelation. Each two-line stanza has an accompanying Bible verse to memorize. You can pick it up at

On the cross he paid for sin,
Jesus, Savior of all men.

From the grave he rose again
Conquering death and hell and sin.

My friends at Christian Focus sent me a copy of this book to review.

Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night

There’s nothing like a good family fun night!

Our Story
When our oldest daughter was a toddler, we took a super-long trek across Pennsylvania. The trip wasn’t just long due to mileage, but a screaming toddler, a hungry dad, a tired mom, and stressed ear drums made the trip seem longer than the Pan-American Highway. Just as I was about to unravel, God’s Spirit reminded me of the following: “A cheerful heart is good medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). Instead of letting tempers flare, we called an audible by stopping at a nearby mall, enjoying some local ice-cream, and having a TV party in our hotel room before finally getting the everyone to sleep.

Take-Aways from Proverbs 17:22?

  • We we develop family devotional rhythms, let’s also try to designate a night per week to just having fun with the people we love the most.
  • Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do with our kids is shoot hoops, play board games, grab ice-cream, wrestle with our sons, or dress up like princes and take our princesses to the ball (yes, dads . . . this means you!)

God invites us to remind our kids that he invented fun, and that he is Lord over all of life.

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