Thursday Book Club: Little Hands Learning to Pray

Little Hands Learning to Pray by Carine Mackenzie, (Christian Focus Publications, 2010), 139 pages.  Read to ages 2-4. Read by ages 5-6.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working through this excellent little book on prayer for preschoolers.  The book contains eight units filled with 4 to 12 two-page devotional thoughts on prayer.  Each devotional includes one Bible verse, two short paragraphs of explanation, and a full-page illustration with interactive questions.  The first four units and first 64 pages of the book teach the ACTS method for praying, which I learned as a teenager in church:

  • Adoration: I love you, God.
  • Confession: I’m sorry, God.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank you, God.
  • Supplication: Please God.

The second section teaches a theology of prayer with the following units:

  • God’s Word Teaches Us How to Pray.
  • Jesus Prayed.
  • Bible People Who Prayed
  • God Listens to our Prayers

Here are some of the cool features of the book.  The ACTS method is classic, and I really like the idea of teaching it in this simple format to our littlest ones.  The interactive pictures are useful for family devotions and for use in a children’s ministry context.  The sample prayer diary at the back is super useful for family devotions.  And the Bible Passages list on pages 134-135 is also really helpful for making this book a tool to use as a supplement to a Bible lesson on prayer.  **I think every Christian children’s book should have a Scripture index.**  I highly recommend this book for use at home and during a children’s ministry setting.

I received a complimentary copy of the book, Little Hands Learning to Pray, from Christian Focus Publications for review purposes.

Sign up for the April 3rd Baby Dedication!

We have baby dedication services at Sojourn because God has commanded both parents and the church to teach our children about God.  We dedicate our children because we recognize our God-given responsibility as parents, and because we know that our home needs God’s help.  We dedicate our children because we want to partner with our church family–making a commitment to raise our children in light of God’s promises. Our next dedication service is Sunday, April 3rd, 2011.

The “First Steps: Preparing for Baby Dedication” class is required as a pre-requisite for participating in  dedication services.  The class will be held at 5:00 PM on Sunday, March 27th at the Midtown and J-t0wn campuses.  The class will be on the same day during the 9:00 AM service at the East Campus. Sign Up Now!

Why family ministry?

Check out this podcast from Tony Kummer with Sojourn East member, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones:

Will new interest in family discipleship somehow distract churches from doing kids ministry? Does embracing family ministry require your church to add new programs?

These are common concerns for many church leaders.  This podcast explores those issues with Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. He is a teacher and writer who has studied these topics in depth. You can learn more about him from his biography page at Southern Seminary.

Directions: To listen to this audio recording, simply click the play button below or download the MP3 audio file.

In the podcast, we mentioned the Family Ministry blog at Southern Seminary and the new Family Ministry Field Guide. If you’d like to leave a comment, simply click here.

Sign up for the Student Baptism Class on Sunday, April 10th!

Are you a student?  Do you have questions about the gospel, salvation, baptism, and assurance?  Bring your mom and dad, and come to the Student Baptism class.  We’ll meet and talk about your questions.  The first session covers issues related to Jesus and salvation.  The second session covers issues related to baptism and assurance.

Next Class: The next class is Sunday, April 10th, 2011 at 5pm at at the Midtown and J-town campuses.  The class with be at 9:00 AM on Sunday, April 10th at the East Campus. Sign Up!

Download Sojourn’s Process and notes for the Student Baptism Class here.

Last Sunday: Prayerful Worshipers

This week in SojournKids, we studied the story of Jesus cleansing the temple from Matthew 6:5-15, and we learned that:

  • We worship when we respond to God’s grace with praise and prayer.
  • Jesus taught his disciples how to pray.
  • We can pray like Jesus prayed.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab the SojournKids “at home” sheet, you can download it here.