Last Sunday: Love Your Enemies

This week, Sojourn’s kids studied Matthew 5:38-48. We learned that…

  • Jesus taught the crowds to love their enemies.
  • Jesus taught His followers to pray for those who hurt them.
  • We can love our enemies, because God loved us when we were His enemies.

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Last Sunday: The Beatitudes

This week, Sojourn’s kids studied Matthew 5:1-12. We learned that…

  • Jesus taught the crowds about how people in God’s kingdom are blessed.
  • You are “blessed” when God loves you and gives you new life in His kingdom.
  • We are made part of God’s kingdom only because of what Jesus has done.
  • Jesus’ followers can rejoice because they enjoy God’s kingdom both now and forever.

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Curriculum FAQs: If you weren’t using Gospel Story, what would you be using? The Top 7.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve written an article on how we’ve selected curriculum at Sojourn and one on the curriculum we use. But what if we weren’t using the Gospel Story curriculum? What would we be using?  Here is list of my top 7:

1. Treasuring Christ by Providence Baptist Church (Raleigh, NC)– an excellent curriculum driven by five distinctives: (1) Gospel-centrality, (2) Connecting Church and Home, (3) Unified Lessons, (4) Teacher-friendly lesson plans including games, original songs, creative ideas, and teacher devotionals, (5) Mission–curriculum is free for the nations (ministries outside the US), church plants (under seven years old) and missionaries. Check out their website. Download Samples.

2. Show Me Jesus! by Great Commission Publications– We actually did use this curriculum for several years. It was the one originally chosen in 2007, and we have only recently moved away to the Gospel Story curriculum in the last year. The curriculum is not unified like Gospel Story or Treasuring Christ, but this is a philosophical difference not neglect of family-equipping.  It is clear in the title of all three curriculum sets that Jesus is central. Show Me Jesus! is built around a classical model of education as described in Susan Hunt’s Heirs of the Covenant: Leaving a Legacy of Faith for the Next Generation.  Following this model, Toddlers learn a vocabulary of faith. Preschoolers learn about God’s covenant promises and how he keeps them. Then, Elementary students learn to respond to God by trusting, obeying, and worshiping Him. Check out their website. Download samples.

3. The Little Village / Kid’s Village by Village Church (Flower Mound, TX) The Village Church curriculum is also pre-publication. It is incremental as well.  However, Village has done an excellent job putting together their lessons, and they give it away free to church plants who contract with them to use it. In each lesson, the Little Village preschool curriculum teaches one of five foundational truths: (1) God Made Everything, (2) Jesus is in charge of Everything, (3) Jesus Came to Save Sinners, (4) God is Good, and (5) God wants to talk with us. In each lesson the Kid’s Village grade school curriculum teaches one of four primary truths about God: (1) God is wise. God knows what is best. (2) God is generous. God gives what is best. (3) God is loving. God does what is best. (4) God is Good. God is what is best. Visit the Little Village website. Download Little Village Samples. Visit the Kid’s Village website.


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Last Sunday: The Last Supper

This week, Sojourn’s kids studied Luke 22:7-20. We learned that…

  • Jesus prepared a special meal to help his friends remember his cross.
  • Christians eat the bread to remember how Jesusʼ body was broken for sins.
  • Christians drink the wine to remember how Jesusʼ blood promises life.

Download the SojournKids At Home for this lesson.


Curriculum FAQs: Why are you using the Gospel Story curriculum by New Growth Press?

I recently wrote a post on how we have chosen curriculum at Sojourn. I mentioned there that we write about 40% of our lesson material each week.  But what about the other 60%? We are currently using a pre-publication curriculum called God’s Story that is written by Marty Machowski and the team at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glenn Mills, PA. Portions of the curriculum will be published by New Growth Press beginning this Fall under the name Gospel Story. Here are just a few reasons why we’ve chosen Gospel Story:

  1. Gospel Story is about the gospel. The curriculum seeks to show the big picture of the Bible.  Each week, there is a focus on how Old Testament Messianic passages are fulfilled in Christ. The majority of the Bible–including New Testament letters–is covered in the chronological lesson plan. And the curriculum makes many references and applications to how the good news of Jesus relates to our lives.
  2. Gospel Story is a unified curriculum. It teaches the same Bible lesson on two different learning levels each week. The preschool lessons are targeted at ages 3-5. We use it for our Twos, Threes, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes. Grade school lessons are targeted at grades 1-6. We use it for Grades 1-5. Both age groups include 156 lessons (78 on the Old Testament and 78 on the New Testament).  The unified nature of the curriculum is an excellent help for equipping parents to do discipleship at home. If a family has three children in our ministry–in fifth grade, third grade, and Kindergarten–they will all be studying the same Bible passage on the same week. Conversations about the lesson on the way home can involve all three kids.
  3. New Growth is releasing some excellent family-equipping resources to accompany the curriculum. Long Story Short: 10 Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God has already been released. The 78 weeks of devotions correspond with the 78 lessons in the Old Testament curriculum. Here is a great video with Marty on the resource:

    In October, New Growth will publish The Gospel Storybook Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments. Here is a PDF preview of the book that looks to be an excellent resource. The 156 stories in the book will correspond exactly with the curriculum lessons.  We’ll certainly put one of these books in each of our Preschool classes when it is published. And we’ll probably give one away to every family at our Baby Dedication.

  4. Gospel Story is a digital curriculum. So, it is adaptable. We’re not doing the lessons in order, but we’re instead re-arranging them to correspond as closely as possible with Sojourn’s Sunday sermon schedule. The digital lessons are easy to distribute to our team along with the supplementary music services, preschool learning centers, and Take Home sheets that we’re writing ourselves.  What we have found is that this curriculum provides a good framework from which our SojournKids team create and modify activities, art projects, and other additional resources.