The Art of Storytelling, Part 1

The art of storytelling gives children a basic framework for understanding truth as well as the courage to live and tell about it. Over the next few days, I’ll post six important things to know about great stories!  Here is #1 and #2.

1. All great stories have a “joyous turn,” the point at which you think the “bad guys” are going to win the day and good is going to be vanquished forever, and suddenly, everything changes! The incarnation of Christ is the “joyous turn” in the human story, and the “joyous turn” of the incarnation story is the resurrection.  It is the decisive moment at which everything changes – death is defeated, God’s new creation is ushered in, and from this point forward, the enemy’s end is certain. All good, engaging stories work like this!  There’s always a conflict, victory seems all but lost, and often when you least expect it, there’s a joyous turn.  Well, Stephen King doesn’t work that way, but twisted horror stories are so excellent because they play on our expectation that the story should have a joyous turn. Continue Reading…

The Race: VBS, School of Word & Art @ Sojourn Midtown

SojournKids is excited to announce this year’s VBS: School of Word & Art on July 19th-23rd from 9:00 AM until 12:00 Noon. The School of Word & Art is an event for kids, ages 3 through grade 5, to learn about the gospel and participate in art, music, and games. The theme for this year’s event is The Race. Kids will be learning about the life of Jesus, who he is and why we should worship him. Cost is $5 per child, but scholarships are available. Continue Reading…

Dads as Prophets, Priests, and Kings

Pastoring Your Family and the Puritans – Winfield Bevins from Acts 29 Network on Vimeo.

George Whitefield once said, “A man ought to look upon himself as obliged to [his family] act in three capacities:

  • As a prophet, to instruct:
  • As a priest, to pray for and with;
  • As a king, to govern, direct, and provide for them.

How are you doing in these 3 areas? Which area needs the greatest attention? In my experience, I tend to place more value on being a prophet and king and less on being a priest for my children.

HT: Jonathan Dodson via Doug Wolter

Thursday Book Club: What does Biblical Interpretation have to do with Children’s Ministry?

40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible by Robert L. Plummer, (Kregel, 2010), 347 pages.

It’s not common for children’s ministers to recommend books on interpreting the Bible, but I’m pleased to recommend this one by Sojourn pastor, Rob Plummer. Most don’t know it, but Rob was the pastor responsible for children’s ministry when Megan and I first began attending Sojourn.   He was our first community group leader, and he asked us to serve with the children’s ministry as once-per-month teachers of the Toddler class when we first became members.  As a pastor and a father of three daughters, Rob has a strong passion for children’s and family ministry.  He is an example pastor in his home, and he has always had a heart for giving our kids sound Bible teaching when they gather on Sundays.  His heart for teaching children shines through at various points in his latest book.

40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible tackles all of the major questions about Bible interpretation in an easy to read and digest question and answer format.  We’ll use portions of this book immediately in our Sojourn Kids leadership training.  Here are a few of the gems from Rob’s book that will be helpful for children’s and family ministry leaders: Continue Reading…

Jesus Came to Save Sinners–Village Kids Album!

Village Church released their  new Kids CD on Sunday!  It’s called “The Village: Kids– Jesus Came To Save Sinners.”  You can download it for free from the Village website here:\

This CD contains 5 original songs that teach children about the character and nature of God and His plan to save sinners through Jesus Christ.  These songs correspond with the five foundational truths taught as a part of Village’s preschool ministry, The Little Village:

  • Jesus Came to Save Sinners
  • God is Good
  • God is in Charge of Everything
  • God Wants to Talk with Us
  • God Made Everything

This great little gospel-centered Texas/Country/Rock LP for kids.  Village has asked folks to listen to the songs, give feedback, and use the songs in your home and ministry.  They are free on the Village website for download.  You can also download the chords and lyrics for free.  And just for those who need to get their songs off of iTunes, you can find the CD here: