Spread the Good News Easter Art Project

Louisville graphic artist and Sojourn member Danielle Hammon has put together this “Spread the Good News” Roman Times newspaper layout as an art project for our SojournKids Grade School classes on Easter Sunday.  The Roman Times newspaper layout includes the complete eye-witness report of Jesus’ resurrection from the Apostle John (John 20:1-31 NIV) as well as the picture captions, “Risen from the Dead” and “Eye-witness Accounts.”

The project helps teach that Jesus’ resurrection is good news told by eye-witnesses that we should tell as well. The pictures and headline for the paper are left blank so that children can color in their own pictures of the empty tomb or an eye-witness telling the good news.  The newspaper layout was designed to be printed on 12″ x 18″ newsprint.  Click on the graphic above or the following link to download a PDF version of the newspaper layout then print.

If you enjoy this resource, you can leave a comment below to thank Danielle for her work.

Easter Sunday Coloring Page by Mandy Groce

Easter coloring picture with the phrase "He is Risen"

Sojourner Mandy Groce has just posted another great coloring page over at Tony Kummer’s Ministry-to-children.com.   You can click on the preview picture above for a printable PDF version of this coloring page. MTC.com has also made a higher resolution JPEG image available.

We’ll be using this Easter coloring sheet in our SojournKids Bible classes on Resurrection Sunday. It has a picture of Jesus along with the words, “He is Risen.” Other phrases decorate the picture as well. As with all of Mandy’s coloring pages at MTC.com, you are free to use this in your church, home, or Christian school.

If you enjoy this resource, you can leave a comment below to thank Mandy for her efforts.


Last Sunday: Jesus Calms the Storm

This week in SojournKids, we studed the story, Jesus Calms the Storm, from Luke 8:22-25.  We learned that:

  • Jesus is God. He is in control of every storm.
  • Jesus commands the winds and wanters, and they obey him.
  • We can trust Jesus and not be afraid.

You can download the SojournKids At Home sheet here.


The “9 Things” Book. Win a copy!

9 Things They Didn’t Team Me in College about Children’s Ministry by Ryan Frank (Standard Publishing, 2011).

I am really thankful for the ministry of Ryan Frank.  He is a superstar in children’s ministry.  Ryan is the Executive Director of KidzMatter Ministries, an Executive Director of Awana Clubs  International, and the publisher of K! Magazine.   He has served as a children’s pastor for fifteen years, and he also serves on the Board of Directors for the International Network of Children’s Ministry and the American Children’s Ministers’ Association.  But the reason Ryan is such an amazing superstar is because he ministers with gospel humility and grace.

The title of his newest book is 9 Things They Didn’t Teach Me in College about Children’s Ministry.  I didn’t actually take any college or seminary classes on children’s ministry.  So, for me, he could have put just about anything in this book. :)  I’m really thankful for what he did put here.  The book is profound.  It majors on the simplicity of the gospel, humility, and love for people.  But it is also practical.  It applies these profound truths where the rubber meets the road, that is, to practical, everyday kidmin stuff like recruiting volunteers, managing conflict, and making budgets.  I’ll be having all of our Campus Kids Directors read it.

You can win a copy of the book.  I’ll give away a copy to the person who becomes fan #140 of SojournKids on Facebook.  Click here to become a fan!

Here is a brief summary of some highlights from the book: Continue Reading…

Pray for your Pastors

9 Things is an amazing little book, and I’ll have a complete review in a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t help but preview one section that was particularly helpful and convicting for me.  Ryan Frank writes a lot about dependence upon God and prayer in this book.  As I said on Thursday, there are two prayer lists in the book that I think are particularly helpful for SojournKids servants.  Here is the second (on page 46).  This is my prayer today.

Pray for your Pastors

Pray especially for Sojourn’s Executive Team—Daniel Montgomery, Brian Howard, Mike Cosper, and Bryce Butler.  Also pray for the Midtown Campus Pastor Chad Lewis and the J-town Campus Pastor Lisle Drury.

P—Purity.  Pray that your pastors will remain pure in the face of constant pressure in an immoral culture.

A—Adversity. Pray that your pastors will confront adversity with faith and endurance.

S—Strength.  These mean all work 50+ hours each week.  Pray that they will have strength to continue their ministry.

T—Teaching.  Pray that these mens’ teaching and preaching ministries will be effective, powerful, and clear.

O—Organization.  These men have more to do than any one person can handle.  Pray that they will prioritize correctly.

R—Rest.  Your pastors need rest.  Pray that they will sleep each night and that they will take enough time away from ministry that they will not get worn out.

For more on praying for your pastors, download 31 Days of Praying for your Pastor, a resources that Frank has adapted from Nancy Leigh DeMoss.