Pastor Mike on the Disney Princess Franchise

While there are exceptions (and I would quickly say The Little Mermaid is one) most of the Disney princess tales celebrate virtue. Snow White is a beautiful, humble servant of all (even a scary collection of bachelor dwarves) and is contrasted with the vain and self-centered queen. Her downfall happens when she eats “forbidden fruit,” and is trapped in death until a prince comes to rescue her. Sleeping Beauty is a profound metaphor for the gospel. The princess is cursed, with death hanging over her head from the day she’s born. When death finally stings her, a prince must battle against the powers of hell to rescue her. Armed with the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue, he fights his way to the princess and awakens her with true love’s kiss. Sound familiar? A bride enslaved to death, a warrior-king who battles the powers of hell?

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Children’s Ministry Vision Workshop

Here is the audio from a children’s ministry workshop that I recently led at North Oldham Baptist Church:

Children’s Ministry Vision

Last Sunday: Loving One Another

This week in SojournKids, our passage was 1 John 3:11-18.  We learned that:

  • Jesus showed us love by laying down his life.
  • Since God loved us, we ought to love one another.
  • True love changes the way we speak and act toward one another.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab the SojournKids “at home” sheet, you can download it here.

Last Sunday: Darkness and Hope

The second floor children’s wing of the 930 has been transformed into a winter wonderland!  With lights, trees and a whole lot of Christmas cheer, SojournKids is celebrating the advent.  Although the hallway may be a little darker than normal, the lights and trees are creating an attraction environment that kids will hopefully remember for years to come.  Advent should be dark anyways, as Pastor Mike Cosper recently said, “Advent should be dark and tense. The world desperately needs a Savior, and in advent we should feel the weight of that longing.”Each week during the month of Advent each student will be making a Christmas ornament to celebrate an aspects of Jesus’s coming.  Last week we made candle ornaments to teach about the hope that we have in Christ.  The teachers went over 1 Peter 1:3 – “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”  The next three weeks are doves for peace, horns for joy, and crosses for salvation/love.

Our Advent tree is adapted from this National Ministries Advent project.

Family Fridays: Jesus is the Comforter

On a cold winter night lay a comforter from your bed down on the floor.  Roll your child up in it.  They  usually love this.  Ask the children if they feel warm and snug.  You might also ask does it feel good to be warm and snug.  While they are immobilized by being wrapped in the blanket, tell them to stay there, get your Bible, and read about Jesus being the one who comforts us in our afflictions (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

From John Bennett, Preschool and Children’s Ministries Director for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, “Some Fun Family Devotional Ideas,” KBC Growing Ministries Tour.  To submit a Family Friday idea, write to