October Children’s Music Liturgy

Everybody STAND UP! Let’s sing a song to God!

1. To Be Like Jesus,” music and words by Pat Sczebel and Todd Twining © 2009 Sovereign Grace (ASCAP)/Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries. From To Be Like Jesus.

Jesus was perfect. He never sinned. He never did what was wrong. He shows us how to live to please God.

But we do sin. We can’t be like Jesus on our own. We deserve to be in trouble with God for all the bad things we’ve done, but Jesus died on the cross and was punished instead of us. We can be forgiven by trusting Jesus to take away our sins! Let’s sing this song about how God saves people through Jesus!

2. Grace (La De Da),” written by Rodney Clawson © 2004 Writer’s Extreme Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co. (BMI). Lyrics taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION® NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. From Seeds of Faith.

Jesus is the only way that we can be forgiven for the bad things we’ve done. He’s also the only way we can do good things. Because of God’s grace in Jesus, we can have power to do what pleases God. This next song is about getting help from Jesus to do what’s right when we trust Him. Continue Reading…

Family Ministry Field Guide

Last week, I got to interview Dr. Timothy Jones about his new book, The Family Ministry Field Guide. The interview appears in three parts on my friend Doug Wolter’s blog.  Here are links to the three posts:

Multi-Site Kidmin Tools: Dropbox

One of the tools that the Sojourn staff has recently found to aid in multi-site leadership is called Dropbox, a web-based file-sharing platform that allows you to share files and folders with multiple users and across multiple platforms (Apple, PC, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).  I recently used it to help in planning our baby dedication service.  One folder contains the checklists, gift booklet design, service liturgy, and First Steps notes.  I shared the folder with service pastors, First Steps class teachers, and Campus Kids Directors to aid them in planning.  As files were updated, they automatically update for everyone who shares the folder.  It’s really an amazing tool: Continue Reading…

Last Sunday: Baby Dedication

This last Sunday was our Baby Dedication service.  On Sunday, 39 families participated.  Here are links to the full liturgy as well as a photo blog of the baby dedication at all of our campuses.  Here is the prayer that we pray for the families involved:

Gracious God, Giver of all life,
We pray for these parents.
Give them wisdom and patience.
Let Your peace and joy dwell in their homes.
Instruct them in Your gospel truth.
Strengthen them in faith.
Sustain them through prayer.

Order their lives by love.
We pray for these children.
Be gracious to them.
Draw them to Yourself.
Help them to love and trust Jesus.
We pray that You will grow them in faith,
So that they might be like arrows in Your hand.
For Christ’s sake, Amen.

And here is part 1 and part 2 of the gift booklet that we gave to each Sojourn family that dedicated their children.  Please take time to read through each family’s testimony.  As a church, we’ve committed to pray for these kids and their parents.  I hope this little booklet will be your guide.

Gospel Relationships: The Home

At Sojourn, we desire to see the gospel transform everything.  In the month of October, Sojourn’s East Campus is bringing particular focus to how Christ’s message of redemption affects all of the different kinds of relationships we experiences day in and day out.   To learn more, download the emphasis card, or read on for a testimony about how the Gospel has transformed one Sojourn deacon’s relationships at home: Continue Reading…