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Baby Dedication, Sunday, March 21st

We will host a Dedication Sunday at both campuses, in all services, on Sunday, March 21.  If you would like to partner with the our church family–making a commitment to raise your child in light of God’s promises, please contact

If you have not already done this in the past, attendance at the “First Steps” classes is required as a pre-requisite for participating in the Dedication services.  Join us for cake, punch, mixed nuts, mints, and prizes in Midtown!  Join us for breakfast and prizes on the East End!  We’ll toast babies, parents, and community, and we’ll learn and pray together as we commit to one another for the parenting journey.  This class will be held during the 11am service on Sunday, March 7 and Sunday, March 14 at the Midtown campus.  The class for the East campus will begin at 8:30am before the regular service.

Thursday Book Club: Sammy and His Shepherd

Sammy and His ShepherdAs we enter into the season of studying the Psalms together as a church, I thought it would be good to review one of the best resources on the Psalms that I’ve picked up in the last year.  In her newest children’s book, Susan Hunt provides a line by line exposition of Psalm 23–told from the perspective of a sheep named Sammy.  Sammy lives happily under the care of his faithful shepherd, and by listening to his tale, we learn about what it means to trust and walk with our own Good Shepherd.  Check out my review of Sammy and His Shepherd here.

Neighborhood Connection: Mini Masters Art Class

Mini Masters Art Class:
Spring Flowers–Painting on Canvas
(Study of Georgia O’Keeffe)

When: Saturday March 6th 9:30 am- 11:30 am
Who: Children age 4 to 12

$20/child (includes cost of materials)
Where: Immanuel Baptist Church in Smoketown
(502) 423-9710 or email at

Michelle VanTine will be teaching semi private art classes for young children.  The class will meet quarterly at Immanuel Baptist Church.  The class will create beautiful artwork, exploring a variety of media and techniques such as paint, pastel, drawing, collage etc.  Also, art history will be intergraded into several lessons with exciting ways to learn about famous artists and art styles.   This term focuses on spring flowers, painting on canvas, and Georgia O’Keefe.  This class will focus on fine arts (not crafts) with exciting projects that will grow your children in creativity and talent.  The small class size allows for individual attention and help in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  Michelle VanTine is a certified art teacher with 4 years of experience teaching K-6 art at Christian Academy of Indiana.  She has a degree in Art Education and loves to see children enjoy art and develop their talents.   If you are interested in classes, have questions, or would like sign up information, please contact Michelle VanTine.  Classes will be limited in space… sign up soon! (502) 423-9710 or email at

“First Step” Children’s Discipleship Classes

Doug Wolter and the guys at LaGrange Baptist offer a discipleship class for children and their parents yearly called “First Step.” The goal is to partner with parents in their God-given role as faith nurturers in the home.  To that end this class aims to be a catalyst for more gospel conversations between the parent and child outside of class.  We’ll be doing something similar here at Sojourn on March 21st & 28th during the 11:00 AM service.  We’re calling our version the “Ask Class: For Parents & Kids with Questions about Salvation & Baptism.”  I’m finding Doug’s class to be really helpful as Pastor Gary and I prepare for our own.

The LaGrange Baptist First Step classes can be streamed or downloaded here:

Part 1: Salvation Listen Listen |  Download Download
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Part 2: Assurance and Baptism Listen Listen |  Download Download
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HT: Doug Wolter

Psalms Family Devotional

The Psalms – A Biblical Guide to Worshiping God

We live in a culture that celebrates self-expression.   Reality TV shows are constantly squirreling contestants aside to ask what they think about others on the show. On talk shows, people expose their greatest personal and relational struggles.  Society encourages us to say how we feel without any filter for our sin or reference to the God who made and sustains us.  In the Psalms we find raw honesty – expressions of immense sadness, anger, joy, anxiety, etc.  The Psalms give expression to the full range of human emotions, but they do so always with reference to the God who made us and stands as Judge and Savior above us.  How do we worship God when others have wronged us?  The Psalms instruct us every conceivable situation as to how we should express our thoughts to our loving heavenly Father and ultimately how to worship him through all situations in life. Continue Reading…