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Family Bible Readings for Holy Week

Megan pointed me to resource yesterday, and it looks very useful.

Let Your Kingdom Come: Preparing Your Hearts for the King by Carri Garvey is a helpful devotional guide for your family to help you make Holy week special and build anticipation for Easter Sunday.  The ideas for lent are particularly helpful–a Lenten “advent” wreath, some thoughts from Noel Piper on fasting, and a list of resources that provide other helpful and crafty ideas for teaching about Lent and Easter. Garvey offers the resource for free. So, print it off and use it however you’d like.

HT: Passionate Homemaking Yep, Megan definitely pointed me to this one. :)

Family Devotional on Mark: The Mustard Seed Kingdom

Family Devotional for Mark:
The Mustard Seed Kingdom by Brian Vickers

When you hear the word “kingdom” what comes to mind?  Maybe things like castles, moats, draw-bridges, and big stone walls.  Whatever comes to mind, it’s probably something big, powerful, and impressive. The people of Israel were waiting for God’s kingdom.  A time when God would defeat all their enemies, and centuries of war and suffering and waiting would come to an end.  God would come and save his people and set up the greatest kingdom the world had ever seen.  Expectations were high. Then one day Jesus came and said: “The time has come.  The kingdom of God is near.  Turn and trust in the good news of the kingdom!” (Mark 1:15).  But when Jesus talked about the Kingdom, he said some unexpected things.  To be part of his kingdom, you have to give up your life and follow him (8:34).  In his kingdom, the greatest people are servants—just like him (9:35; 10:44-45).  Jesus said his kingdom is like a mustard seed (4:31).  That doesn’t sound too impressive, but what Jesus is saying is that you have to be able to look at a little seed and see everything it will become.  It takes the eyes of faith to see Jesus’ kingdom.  We enter the Kingdom by believing that Jesus the King suffered and gave up his life for us.  Through faith we see and experience the reality and power of the kingdom in everyday things like loving each other and loving our neighbors; in simple acts of service; in caring more for the good of others than for our own good; and in sharing the gospel of Jesus the servant-king with the people around us so that they can join in the kingdom.  When God’s kingdom fully arrives it will be more powerful and glorious than anything we can imagine, it will go beyond all our expectations, but for now we see it all in seeds. Continue Reading…

Check out these resources for teaching kids about the Gospels!

Look for a review of the last one sometime in the coming week!

Jesus is Alive! Join us on Easter Sunday!

Join us for an Easter Celebration at all three campuses on Sunday, April 24th, 2011!

At Midtown and East, the Easter celebration for the kids will take place during the services.  At Midtown, get ready for a big party and some great art/video projects!  At East, get ready for an “Egg”stravaganza with an egg hunt outside for kids from age 1 to grade 5 during the Easter service and another great party! At J-town, the egg hunt will take place after the service. Check out these pics of last year’s egg hunt at Sojourn East!

On Easter Sunday, we will study Matthew 28:1-10 and John 20:1-23.  We will learn that:

  • God raised Jesus from the dead just like he promised.
  • Jesus has beaten death.
  • We should rejoice and not fear death, because Jesus is alive!

Here are links to all of our Palm Sunday and Easter Resources from the past several years:

Palm Sunday Resources:

Easter Sunday Resources

March Madness for Children’s Ministry

My friend Tony Kummer at is doing a children’s ministry blog madness competition.  The SojournKids blog is in the running for the West division.  Show your support for SojournKids by heading over there to vote!

Also, take time to check out the thoughts of some other great children’s and family ministers out there.  Some of my favorites in the tournament are Lisle Drury & Doug Wolter, Kenny Conley, and Sam Luce.