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The Dangers and Delights of Re-telling Great Stories (Narnian ones and otherwise)

Between services on Sunday afternoon, Rachael, our five year-old daughter, and I went to see Walden Media’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. There are definitely spoilers here, so turn back now if you want to avoid them.  Oh, and, yes, I took my 5 year-old girl to see this movie.  In spite of the PG rating, there was nothing in the movie that I thought she shouldn’t see.  The previews, however, were another story altogether. Next time, we’ll spend more time getting popcorn before the movie starts.

Surprisingly (maybe because of the snow forecast), the theater was nearly empty.  It was a good thing, because Rachael was full of questions, and she talked throughout.  She was trying to put together what she was seeing in the movie with what we’ve read in the books and seen in the earlier movies.   Rachael was as critical and acclaiming as any movie-goer.  “Oh, I remember that part now!”  rang out when Eustace turned into a dragon.  When the green mist was introduced (see below), she said accusingly, “That wasn’t in the book.”  I laughed out loud. Continue Reading…

Last Sunday: At the Throne

This week in SojournKids, we studied Revelation 7:9-17.  We learned that:

  • God keeps His promises
  • God will save people from every people, language, and nation.
  • All peoples will praise God, because He saves from suffering and sin.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab the SojournKids “at home” sheet, you can download it here.

Lots of Links

Pastor Mike on the Disney Princess Franchise

While there are exceptions (and I would quickly say The Little Mermaid is one) most of the Disney princess tales celebrate virtue. Snow White is a beautiful, humble servant of all (even a scary collection of bachelor dwarves) and is contrasted with the vain and self-centered queen. Her downfall happens when she eats “forbidden fruit,” and is trapped in death until a prince comes to rescue her. Sleeping Beauty is a profound metaphor for the gospel. The princess is cursed, with death hanging over her head from the day she’s born. When death finally stings her, a prince must battle against the powers of hell to rescue her. Armed with the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue, he fights his way to the princess and awakens her with true love’s kiss. Sound familiar? A bride enslaved to death, a warrior-king who battles the powers of hell?

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Children’s Ministry Vision Workshop

Here is the audio from a children’s ministry workshop that I recently led at North Oldham Baptist Church:

Children’s Ministry Vision