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Father’s Day Coloring Pages by Mandy Groce

Here are three original coloring sheets you can print out and use at church or home around Father’s Day. These were created by Mandy Groce, a visual artist, and a Sojourn elder’s wife.   You can leave a comment below to express your appreciation or other thoughts on these coloring pages.

Directions: For each of the coloring sheets below, you can download a printer friendly PDF version or a full size jpeg image for anyone who wants to modify these pages directly.

  1. The first coloring page shows a father reading a Bible while two children (boy & girl) watch over his shoulder. The text is a prayer that reads, “Thank you Lord, Fathers are a blessing!” You can download this file as a printable PDF file or as a JPEG image (453K file size).
  2. The second coloring sheet has a father hiking with his daughter following along. The text in this picture is a prayer which says, “Dear God, Thanks you for my Daddy!” You can download this file as a printable PDF file or as a JPEG image (534K file size).
  3. The third coloring page pictures only four different children (2 boys & 2 girls). There is not father displayed in this frame but the text says, “God is the best Father anyone can have!” This one will provide an option for children who have no dad in their life and may feel left out at father’s day. You can download this file as a printable PDF file or as a JPEG image (814K file size).

“Get in the Story” Devotionals

Over the next seven months, Sojourn Kids will be studying the end of the New Testament from the conversion of Saul in the Book of Acts to the Book of Revelation.  Our series with the kids will roughly follow the same schedule as Sojourn’s sermon series for our regular gatherings.  We’re hoping that this format will encourage family conversations as families read and study the Bible stories and passages together.

To aid in this goal, we’ll be printing a monthly guide called “Get in the Story” with daily devotionals that correspond with each children’s ministry lesson.  Our prayer is that you will use this guide and it will encourage gospel conversations in your family.  Please pick it up when you are in the children’s area on Sunday.

Here is the schedule for June and July:

  • June 6–Lesson 50: Saul Knocked to the Ground
  • June 13–Lesson 51  The Gentiles were Converted
  • June 20–Lesson 52: The Fruit of the Spirit
  • June 27–Lesson 53: Paul’s Work in Ephesus
  • July 4—Lesson 54: Spiritual Gifts
  • July 11—Lesson 55: Love
  • July 18—Lesson 56: A New Creation
  • July 25—Lesson 57: God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Bethlehem Baptist’s New Youth Baptism Policy

Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, where David Michael serves as family pastor, recently updated their youth baptism information brochure and process.  As part of that revision, they have provided a link to an explanation paper written by Scott Holman, a friend and fellow Sojourner, and myself.  Bethlehem is a model church and a mentor to Sojourn in many ways.   It is humbling that something we have been part of writing has been used and highlighted by a mentor church body that we respect very much.  May the Lord be glorified in our efforts, and in the lives of the children and families who are part of this process at both Bethlehem and Sojourn.

Family Friday: Summer Water Fights!

Set up a time for a special water fight with your kids.  Use hoses, buckets, and water balloons!  Challenge your kids to take you on.  Bring the neighborhood kids in as well.  The joy you have will overflow to your kids hearts (Zechariah 10:7).

From John Bennett, Preschool and Children’s Ministries Director for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, “Some Fun Family Devotional Ideas,” KBC Growing Ministries Tour.  To submit a Family Friday idea, write to

Art Camp @ Sojourn East

SojournKids is excited to announce an art workshops with outdoor games at our East campus. On Thursday-Friday, July 22nd and 23rd from 9:00 AM until 12:00 Noon and on Saturday, July 24th beginning at 11:00 AM for a gallery opening/celebration.  This is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to learn about our Creator, learn about worshiping Him through our creativity, and enjoy some time outside in his creation! Please join us by pre-registering or signing up to serve.