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Last Sunday: Paul in Chains

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been having a lot of fun with the kids in the children’s ministry.  We learned about “beautiful feet” and we wore crazy shoes.  We learned about how Abraham is the father of all believers, and Abraham visited our classrooms singing “Father Abraham had many sons.”  There have been weeks with puppets and fun games as well.

This past week was a bit different and a bit more serious.  Our lesson centered Acts 28:17-31, which tells about the ministry of the Apostle Paul while he was in chains during his first Roman imprisonment.  A leader in each children’s assembly was chained to a chair as Paul, and a narrator talk about Paul’s suffering and how his message was rejected by the Jews in Rome but accepted by the Gentiles.  The kids felt of a chain or rope and imagined what it must have been like to be in chains for Christ.  Take time this week to ask your kids about the lesson and read back through the passage in Acts 28.

Connecting Church & Home Conference 2010

I was able to attend portions of the Connecting Church & Home conference at Southern Seminary the past weekend.  I am always encouraged by hearing David Michael, Jay Strother, Steve Wright, and Timothy Jones–four men that I count as models in ministry.  It was also good to hang for a few minutes at the seminary bookstore with my friend Tony Kummer.  Here are some links to his coverage of the conference.

Connecting Church and Home Conference- August 20-21, 2010 from Southern Seminary on Vimeo


Seeds Family Worship at Sojourn on Wednesday, September 8th

We’re excited to announce that Jason Houser of Seeds Family Worship (backed by the Sojourn Music band) will be at the 930 Art Center on Wednesday, September 8th, at 6:30 PM for a FREE “back to school” family concert.  Sojourn’s kids know the Seeds songs “Go” and “New Creation” from Vacation Bible School and kids worship on Sundays.  I’m super thankful for the folks at Seeds and their passion–to equip parents to teach their children God’s Word.   I’m super pumped that they will be joining us for this FREE event.   Take a look at these great videos from Seeds, and join us at the 930 Art Center for the concert.

4 Resources for Teaching Church History to Young Children

In the midst of attending a children’s dance camp this summer, Sarah Beth (age 7) returned home to pronounce, “That’s so good, it’s like you’re one of the saints.”  Nearly the same day, she asked, “Why do people draw Mary with things coming out of her head?”  These comments awakened me to my responsibility to give my young daughters a biblical understanding of church history.  I began searching around and these are a few of the more helpful resources that I found:

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World, by Paul L. Maier

This beautifully-illustrated book helps children understand the difference between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism – specifically why Luther and other Reformers felt biblically constrained to break from Rome.  Recommended to read aloud to ages 5 and up.

History Lives Series, 5 volumes, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow (5 titles)

This series divides up church history into short stories based around significant historical figures.  The books can be read aloud to children as young as five years old.  (On the back, the books say they are written for children ages 9-14.)  My seven-year old loves to act out stories, so after reading the story of (Saint) Patrick, we acted out the story ourselves.  She played the role of Patrick.  As her slave owner, I questioned her, “Who is this God you serve?  Tell me more about him!”  “Home theater” of this sort is a great way to get your child to verbalize the gospel while coming to value the heroes and heroines of the faith. Continue Reading…

Dr. Eric Johnson on Parent Theology

Back in March, Dr. Eric Johnson, spoke to a group of parents in LaGrange, KY on what he called, Parent Theology.  I’m really thankful for this message about resting in our perfection in Christ.  Parents (and all Christians) need to hear the Bible’s refrain, “There is no condemnation” and “God is pleased with you in Christ” again and again.  This gospel word helps us rest and not be consumed with our performance or the performance of our children.

Listen or download this message.

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