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This past Sunday, I posted a need on the City…

This past Sunday at 1 pm, I posted a need on The City.  We needed someone to do childcare for our community group at 6:30 that very evening, and posting a need on the City was sort of a last-ditch effort.  After I posted, my husband and I were hopeful that someone would respond and prayed they would, but we were fully prepared and half-expecting for me to watch the kiddos during group.

A couple of hours later, just about the time that I was thinking, “If nobody has responded by now, nobody ever will,” a sister in Christ whom I had never met emailed to say that she was happy to watch our kids.  This dear woman, who has a very young child of her own to care for, saw the need and stepped in to fulfill it. Continue Reading…

Thursday Book Club: “Bible Alive” Series adds Stories of David

This week is our last in the book of Psalms as a church.  I thought I’d bring our attention to some new books out by Carine Mackenzie.  The latest books in the “Bible Alive” series for ages 4-11 are David the Shepherd, David the Soldier, David the Fugitive, and David the King. This is an addition of four little books to her “Bible Alive” series, which already includes six Jesus titles and four Moses titles.  Each of the books engages children as the stories are retold from key biblical texts.  A distinctive of the series is its strong focus on salvation.  In David the Shepherd children learn lessons of courage, and in David the Soldier, about trusting God in times of waiting.  David the Fugitive tells of God’s faithfulness and David the King presents God’s forgiveness.   These are great resources for talking to your kids about the man behind many of the psalms.

I received a complimentary copy of David and the King from Christian Focus as part of the book blog tour.  This did not affect my opinion of the book in one way or another.

Ask Class: For Kids & Parents with Questions about Salvation & Baptism

Sojourn’s Student and Family Ministry is offering class for children and their parents called “Ask Class: For Kids & Parents with Questions about Salvation & Baptism.”  The goal is to answer the questions of kids and their parents who are seeking to understand the gospel, salvation, baptism, and assurance.  We want to partner with parents, who have been commanded to teach their kids about God.  The class will be led by Pastors Jared Kennedy and Gary Almon.  Our hope is that this class will be a catalyst for more gospel conversations between parents and their children.  The two-week class is on March 21st & 28th during the 11:00 AM service at the Midtown Campus, The 930 Art Center, on the third floor.  The first session will cover issues related to Jesus and salvation.  The second session will cover issues related to baptism and assurance. Continue Reading…

February Kids Music Liturgy: what we did this past month for Valentine’s Day

When coming up with new liturgies for Kids’ Worship, we try to keep the subject matter centered on the Christian calendar and relevant to the children’s lives.  Most of the time we can accomplish both goals by using major holidays as a launching point. Building liturgies around holidays also gives us the opportunity to correct skewed worldly perspectives on biblical themes that are so prevalent in our increasingly post-Christian culture. We can take concepts the kids are familiar with and explain the truth about them, exposing the thoughts of the mind fixed on the flesh and teaching the perspective of the mind fixed on the Spirit.

With Valentine’s Day being a prominent holiday in the culture around us and in elementary schools, the month of February provides a great opportunity to talk to children about love. In this month’s liturgy we discuss God’s love in a general sense, His revelation of His love in the Bible, the sacrificial love of Jesus’ death for us, and our need for love toward God and other people. This month, really pour love on your kids as you help them understand just how big God’s love is for them.

Here’s February’s liturgy: Continue Reading…

Children’s Ministry/Parenting Track Session at Sojourn’s 2009 Counseling & The Church Conference

If you haven’t had a chance to look over the materials presented by Mark Prater and Andy Farmer on Children’s and Student Ministry at Sojourn’s 2009 Counseling & The Church Conference, you should take a look.  This session sought to answer the following questions: What is the role of the local church in coming alongside of parents as they seek to raise their children? How should theology drive the ministry structures and the methods used in serving parents in your family ministry? Parents often feel helpless and alone in raising their children from birth through the teen years, so the church must step up and serve a crucial role in coming alongside parents.  In these tracks, Mark and Andy looked at how parents are equipped to help their children and teens understand and live out the gospel with the help of their local church community.  Mark and Andy are pastors at Covenant Fellowship in Glen Mills, PA.


Children’s Ministry Session led by Pastor Mark Prater

Youth Ministry Session led by Pastor Andy Farmer

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