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Every 1 Reads Training hosted at Sojourn East

Brothers and sisters, because of God’s grace we have been changed by the life-giving Word. As stewards of the words of life, we have an incredible opportunity love and serve our neighbors by participating in the “Every 1 Reads” program in the Jefferson County School system.  As the program website indicates: “Every 1 Reads is a bold community-wide effort to have every child in Jefferson County Public Schools reading at or above grade level.”  As we at Sojourn seek to bring gospel-centered renewal to our community and its citizens, we prayerfully hope that Sojourn will be a part of this “bold community-wide effort” to battle illiteracy and help children and young people learn to read by demonstrating our love for our neighbors through this service.

If you are interested in participating, Every 1 Reads will provide a training session for anyone interested in serving in this program (the course is required for all volunteers). The training will last about an hour and a half and will begin immediately following our East campus worship service on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Every 1 Reads volunteers will spend 30 minutes a week with a child or young person in a Jefferson County school (you can choose the school and your availability) to help them learn or improve their reading skills. You can also mentor more than one child if you would like.

If you are interested in participating, you can RSVP  on the City, or if you have questions or would like any additional information please contact Eric Spann at  You can also check out the Every 1 Reads website:

Blog Tour, Giveaway, and Coupon Code for Our Home is Like a Little Church

This week kicks off the blog tour for Our Home is like a Little Church.   We’ll officially launch sales of the book at Sojourn’s book table for Father’s day, and we’ll give away a free copy to every dad in attendance.  Sojourn’s first children’s book, Our Home is like a Little Church, was written by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles with illustrations by Tessa Janes.  It is now available to pre-order from and the Westminster Bookstore.  The book has been published by Christian Focus Publications.

Giveaway and Coupon Code!
Late last week, I gave away a framed copy of Our Home is like a Little Church to author, Bobby Gilles. Here is a video of the inter-office event:

If you’d like to get in on a giveaway of your own, leave a comment over at  Tony is giving away 25 free copies of the book on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.  If you can’t wait for the giveaway, check out the coupon code for WTSBooks at Tony’s site.

Also, Check Out the Blog Tour!

Please encourage these blogging friends of Sojourn  by checking out their reviews too. Their posts offer a good balance on this book and how you might use it in your home or your church. We’ll be update these links throughout the week.

Mother’s Day Coloring Sheet by Mandy Groce

Download and print off this coloring sheet to use with your children around Mother’s Day. It was created by Mandy Groce, an Sojourner, elder’s wife, and local artist.  Mandy will be putting together a number of sheets like this for my friend Tony Kummer at The coloring page features a mother and her son along with the prayer, “God, I am thankful for Mommy!” The scene is framed by a large heart shape.

Directions: Click on the image to the right to download this resource as a printer friendly PDF file. Alternately, you can download the image as a jpeg image file (496K) if you want to re-size or paste it into a Word Document.

HT: Tony Kummer

Sojourn’s Vision & SojournKids

Sojourn’s vision is to see the gospel transform everything–ourselves as individuals, our church, our city, and our world. By 2020, we desire to see that vision expressed in our church as a body of 7,500 people, gathering in 5 locations, and planting churches all over the world that draw many more un-churched people into a relationship with God.

SojournKids’ vision is to see the gospel transform the next generation. By 2020, we desire to see that vision expressed in our church with 1,200 children (ages 0-5th grade) and 1,000 students (6th-12th grade), gathering in 5 locations, and equipping churches all over the world to train up the next generation in the gospel. Continue Reading…

Sojourn’s Vision & Teaching Stewardship to Kids

Dear Parents,

During the month of April, we’ve been teaching Sojourn’s kids about giving and stewardship.  We’ve used the story of the seven year-old king, Joash (2 Kings 11-13; 2 Chronicles 22-24), to highlight stewardship principles for the kids.  See the lesson here. God used Joash and the wise priest Jehoiada to turn Israel’s hearts back to him and away from worshiping idols.  When Joash became king, God’s temple had fallen into disrepair.  So, Jeohiada made a collection box by boring a hole in the top of a chest and put it beside the altar in the temple.  Israel brought gifts for the temple along with their regular sacrifices.  Even though he was just seven, God used Joash to make things new again in Israel!

Sojourn’s vision is to see the gospel transform everything–ourselves as individuals, our church, our city, and our world.  SojournKids’ vision is to see the gospel transform the next generation.  Part of seeing kids grow up to be a new people made alive by the gospel is teaching them how to participate in regular Christian practices.  We’re intentional about teaching kids to pray, sing, respond, and read their Bible.  We also want to be intentional about teaching them to give.  During SojournKids’ regular gatherings, we have a basket (“with a hole in the top just like Joash’s box”). When we gather together on Sundays, kids can bring money to put in the basket.  These gifts support Sojourn’s vision of gospel transformation as part of our regular budget. Continue Reading…