Children’s Books… to capture their imaginations with the gospel.

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Capture your kids’ hearts with these children’s books about the gospel, church, and family from SojournKids and Christian Focus Publications!

Check out all three:

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Our Home is like a Little Church

This is Sojourn’s first children’s book, written by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles with illustrations by Tessa Janes.  Our Home is like a Little Church was written to teach preschool children that the home is a “little church” where the father leads his family God’s to worship the one true God.

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hat is the Church?

This is Sojourn’s second children’s book, written by Mandy Groce and Bill Bell.   What Is The Church? was written to teach preschool children that the church is not a building. It is a people that God has called together and made alive by faith.

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What is the Gospel?

Mandy Groce’s second book teaches children the message of God’s kingdom accomplished through God’s cross by God’s grace. This whole gospel is given to us as one beautiful mosaic. Our hope is that this little book will help children to see this from their earliest years.

Here is what people are saying…

Our Home is like a Little Church helps both children and fathers see some of the beauty and richness of [their] relationship.

Bruce A. Ware, Professor of  Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

I LOVE the book because it provides a  beautiful picture of what it looks like for a father to be the spiritual leader in the home.

-Jason Houser, Seeds Family Worship

This is an excellent book and I have sought to get a copy into the hands of every family at our church.

-Ray Van Neste, Director, R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies, Union University
Every father should read and reread this book to his children, to encourage him to fulfill his calling as a Pastor-Daddy by the grace of God.
-Micah Bickford, Westminster Bookstore Staff